Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Well today is a beautiful warm father's day!

On Friday I had the pleasure to help move The Hubs's uncle. It was great to be able to spend time with him and the in-laws! I am so blessed to have great ones! It was a long hot day though! We worked from about 10 AM to 10 PM getting the house and two storage sheds cleared out and packed up. We were hot and filthy in the end but boy did it feel good to have it all done! There were some diamonds in the rough discovered too! The Hubs' family is so great. They tolerated my junk rummaging so well. A lot of the times they would look at me with one eyebrow raised and say, "REALLY?!" and to that I would say absolutely! It is amazing what some people find as trash another will find as treasure! As many of my friends know, I love old things! Well this was a hay day for me!

The storage shed held things from The Hubs's grandma and grandpa and great grandma. There were some really cool things in there and it had me dreaming of a storage unit of my own so that I could keep everything that I loved! However, this just isn't possible. So I had to choose what could make it back to our little home (and still have room for us to walk around).

I love that the things come from The Hubs's family. It means so much more to me. I love knowing the stories behind the items or if the story isn't known, making one up for myself. The cameras for example. I have no idea when they were used, but I imagine my father-in law running around during high school and these capturing some of his glory days in sporting events and such! Or maybe even one of them captured my mother and father in law just before their senior prom!

This Crate actually held Crate speakers. It was The Hubs's Uncles from way back. He was so kind to let me have the lovely!

The old ironing table is fantastic. It is more sturdy than my current aluminum one! I love it!

The jingle bells are great too! They have some aging on them that has turned them turquoise in spots that makes them all the more wonderful and fun. They are currently bound by a shoestring but I am going to add twine instead and put them in a special spot. I again can only imagine a story behind these little lovelies.

The type writers are oh so special. The Hubs grandpa was a pastor and he wrote his sermons one these now antiques. The hubs is exceptionally excited about these finds.

This is a part of an old furnace front from The Hubs's Grandparent's house that burnt cool!

Not at all sure on the story behind the fan, but I have been looking for one for our bedroom just like this for quite sometime!

I had so much fun spending time with my family, hearing stories and just getting to know them all a little better. The family history is always a pleasure. The best part about old things is that they can spark memories that are long forgotten and once again warm your heart to the people that have passed. It was an honor to be involved in such a memorable day.

These are old frames and they will make into a great project, not sure on their story either.

With all of the treasures that we discovered that were once everyday items, it makes me wonder what we throw away or cast off as mundane items that will one day be thought provoking and a treasured item.

Here is my mother-in-law and I at the end of the very long and dirty day...excuse us for our unsightly appearance.

Happy Father's Day from this happy Daughter!


  1. I happen to think the biggest treasure was the daughter-in-law and son who were willing to work in the heat amid all that stuff!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoy these kind of treasures. Can't wait to visit you in your home again Enjoyed you both and thanks for the breakfast. Love Uncle J and Aunt C