Thursday, June 30, 2011

A summer of new beginnings!

It seems that summer always holds so many possibilities. There seems to be so much time, so much opportunity, with the longer days and warm nights anything is possible. Even a thousand different projects that I insist I have time for when in fact, I do not. Hubs always looks at me like I have gone crazy when I drag another thing home from the thrift store and say, "Oh, this one won't take too long. Just a fresh coat of paint. Maybe some new fabric..." And suddenly I am redo-ing a room...or at least I am trying to redo a room...most of the time, time runs out. At least lately.

There have been great and wonderful things happening for our friends lately.

To begin, in May, our friends The Alfano's got MARRIED! They were beautiful (and still are!). They gave me the honor of taking photos of there special day/weekend. It was torture, but I got to go to Florida for this wedding. Here are a few of my favorites from the trip.

Another great weekend was just this past weekend. Our dear friends Beau and Cara got married. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, decked out with hydrangeas and crisp Tiffany blue. It was a treat to say the least! And I am happy to call them Mr. and Mrs. Porter! Here are a few of the photos I snapped from their special day! Cara is gorgeous don't you think?!

Beau's mom and dad are such a lovely couple. They look so in love! I love it when couples look they did (or as I assume they did) when they first got married. These two have it going for them! Here's to you David and Lisa!

This gorgeous lady is Annie. She is amazing at a lot of things, but she is exceptional at design! You should visit her website at

Last, but certainly not least, I take the honor of welcoming Miss Lillie Caroline into the world. Congratulations, Hillary and Cody. She is precious in every way. What a doll!

We have been busy, but it has been a blessing. We are so happy for all of our friends and their new adventures in life.

So tell me, what new adventures or projects are you up to? I love comments and I love hearing about happiness and projects! Let me know!

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  1. I am making my first and last ever scrapbook for my semester in Europe! If I don't get it done before August it will never happen. I narrowed it down to 240 pictures. Now I get to sort through all my brochures, maps, etc. Are you sure you don't scrapbook? I would love for someone to do it for me!!