Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mail Organizer

I have for the longest time swooned after wall organizers. I love this one by Pottery Barn, but our budget doesn't allow for it, nor do we have the space for it in our little home.

So I have tried a thousand different things that didn't work and have left me with more junk drawers than socially appropriate.

So, guess what this is! It is a cabinet door that had a metal mesh on the panels! Guess where I found it! Yup, the Habitat for Humanity Restore!

When I brought it home it was brown and had the hinges and such on it. I quickly took the hinges off and spruced it up with a little bit of spray paint! Then I had the mail box already so I fastened it on there and the hooks to right I did the same thing. I was lacking magnets that would work for this project but we had some old ones, so I took some magazine clippings, buttons and glued them on there. I also added a pouch for pens and pencils to go in. It was left over from a set of pillow cases that I had gotten a while back. I love my new Mail organizer. It is a catch all in our kitchen.

Because I paid $2 for the cabinet door and $2 for the spray paint, I felt like I could splurge on a little something else. So I got these lovely measuring spoons from Anthropologie. I love it when the ordinary can become glamorous and these certainly do that!

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