Monday, June 13, 2011

A place to hang our hats...

So the hubs and I are mid semester for the summer. That is right we are plugging away at the keyboards and books while the rest of y'all are out having fun in the sun. All I can tell myself about this is that it will have a good pay off in the end...I think... :)

Anyway with all the school work, you gotta take a break right! RIGHT! So here is one of my recent creations! I made these little lovelies out of old cabinet doors that I found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (if you haven't found this place yet, look for it! There is usually one in every major area and the profits go to habitat). I then sprayed them with some spray paint, distressed them with some good old sand paper, put some new hooks on them and ta-da! I have that coat rack! (Not that we need a coat rack at this point, it is 99 degrees outside!). I hung one low because I hate leaving my purse on the floor or on the table so now it has a place! It has been nice to have a place to hang our hats!

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  1. That is just a great idea for making coat racks! And you are so right about the Habitat Restores being great places to shop. I go to ours all the time...sometimes they don't have much and sometimes I leave a very happy camper. Cheers!